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KJ Football Clinic Louisville Kentucky Philosophy

Athletics offer an educational process in life that when seized and utilized properly, with discipline and help, develop young children with the skills necessary to become strong and productive leaders in our society. We bring together athletes and coaches who have achieved different levels of success.

Our instructors are committed to sharing with young athletes the perseverance, discipline, and the dedication needed to achieve one's maximum potential. Every athlete has an opportunity to improve their skills and receive guidance in developing physical strength and motivation.

In addition, we want to utilize the time we have with the kids by sharing with them the important facts and information involving key issues that they face on a day to day basis. Every year we try and improve what the clinic offers children, both physically and mentally. We hope that by the time the kids leave, they have a better feeling of self worth and are motivated to become a better athlete and better person.

I know attending a sport's clinic can be very valuable. My goals are to provide young athletes an opportunity to learn from the best, understand the work ethic needed to succeed, and most of all, enjoy themselves in a competitive atmosphere.


Coach KJ

KJ Fundemental Football Clinic Founder/Head Coach

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