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"I felt that the KJ Clinic was very informative in making young football players better. I had 2 sons attend, ages 8 and 10, and both of them learned the fundamentals that are seldom taught. All the coaches have extensive playing backgrounds that showed while teaching the kids. I recommend this for any parent that wants their kid to prepare for the next level while still learning the basics. My sons had never played football, now they both start."
-Matt Adams

"99% is the same as 0%. Anytime you don't give 100% you cheat yourself, and anything less than 100% is unexceptable. That's what KJ taught me in the clinic, and continues to apply to upcoming talent in this clinic. KJ has an eye for talent and knows what it takes to be the best."
-Tim Gridiron

"My 11 year old son had never played football. Now he is the starting running back, thanks to KJ Fundamental Football Clinic."
-Ron Clay


"After having known Keith Joseph for these past several years both as a student and as a friend, I now have renewed hope for our future! Keith is an unusual young man in his passion for caring for others. He has a particular love for the elderly and the less fortunate. He gives untiring effort to assist in both of these areas of need and couples that with his love for children and youth.

"Keith is no less than exceptional and I have had the opportunity to view him from several perspectives. I serve the Richmond, Kentucky community in several capacities. I am pastor of the First Baptist Church and have led that congregation for the past 26 years. I am a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Easrern Kentucky University and have taught in the Department for 15 years. I also serve the Richmond community as a member of the Board of Commissioners and additionally as Mayor Pro-Tem. Interestingly enough, I have worked with Keith in each of these capacities.

"Keith was one of my mathematics students during his first year at the University. He was diligent and conscientious. If there were problems or concerns, he made them known to me. If he needed help, he asked for it. This gives him an appreciation for the needs and concerns of the participants in his clinic. He has been where they now are.

"At the University, I also serve as a member of the University Athletics Committee. I have the opportunity to see athletics from the standpoint of overall impact on the lives of our students. As Keith plans and conducts his clinic and performs his follow-up activities, I feel that the end result will be not only a more skilled young athlete but also a more well-rounded child.

"Over the past few years, Keith has been recognized by others for his great personality and his outstanding character. Newspaper articles and awards are the evidence that he has touched others with his sincerety and his passion.

"I wholeheartedly endorse and support the KJ Football Clinic and recommend it to families who desire wholesome opportunities for their children. The Clinic provides not only training in football, but also training for life in general. After the clinic sessions have ended, there is appropriate follow-up by Keith to ensure that the time spent in the training has had positive and lasting effect upon the lives of the participants and their families. The KJ Football Clinic is a wise and prudent investment in a time when great care must be taken in choosing the opportunities provided to our children."

Rev. Robert R. Blythe
Pastor, First Baptist Church; Richmond, KY
Lecturer, Department of Mathematics and Statistics; Eastern Kentucky University


"A champion must have the desire for perfection and the will to punish himself in the process"
- Troy Templeton former NFL player.

"I watched Keith grow from a young boy to the nicest young man he is today. In my 20 years of coaching, I never coached a harder worker, and respectful player. Keith has the heart of a CHAMPION".
-Coach Frank Sr.

"My son Clay P. attended last year's football clinic over the summer, my son has never played the game but always watched on tv with me, my son started the third game of the season (0-2) as a runningback kept his position and lead his (6-3) team to runner-up champs!! Thanks KJ Fundamental football Clinic, we'll see you next year, and to all this is where it's starts (FUNDAMENTALS)"
-Jack P

"I think that the KJ Fundamental Football Clinic is great for the kids in the community, it gives them the opportunity to learn the skills of football from some of the best coaches around."
-Luke Knuppenburg

"I have known KJ since playing high school football at South Oldham. KJ has the right tools and will give you his time to increase and enhance your son(s) playing skills to reach his dream at the next level of play. I have brothers that played Qb at the D-1 level, and my Father Wally which coached multiple college teams and NFL teams, and a big name that stands out is Dan Marino at Pitt and at Miami Dolphins. So I know when it comes down to a coach or a very good coach. KJ is the right person to help coach your son(s) to develop the fundamentals you need to take with you starting in the beginning of season while taking it with you on game day."
- Andrew English former Qb at Marshall University & Hofstra

"I have known coach KJ for almost 12 years now. It's great to have something like coach KJ is doing for this community. Coach KJ will teach you the basic fundamentals offensive and defensive for your child's success that will help him in games as well as in life."
- Danny Dewitt WR/Punter at Union College

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